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Understanding the Crypto World - NFT

NFT AuctionNFT Auction is a virtual event where participants sell or bid for digital assets or NFTs with an aim to crack the best buying or selling deal.Partial OwnershipPartial Ownership also known as fractionalizing, allows the NFT owners to sell their digital asset into fractions or pieces, where the asset has multiple owners.Full OwnershipFull ownership refers to owning the entire NFT instead of buying it into pieces or fractions. In full ownership, the digital asset is owned only by a single person.NFT StakingNFTs are transferred to a potential platform i.e. the staking platform that takes care of its security and governance. These assets are locked into the smart contract generating an opportunity for the delegators to claim a block and rewards. The staking rewards are determined by the asset’s capacity to develop an income stream like royalties.NFT WalletNFT WalletsNFT Wallets are basically Digital Wallets with the ability to hold NFT over different Blockchains under a single wallet and trade or hold Cryptocurrencies for the exchange of NFTs.

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What is Tokenomics?

What is Tokenomics?Formed by pairing Token and Economics, Tokenomics depicts the economics of crypto tokens. It refers to all the quantities of crypto tokens making it appealing to investors. It offers the structure and cycle of how the token is acquired and traded. It also manages all the operations inside the crypto market ranging from private and public sales to airdrop, delivering a framework of all the processes that take place to secure the long-term equilibrium of the ecosystem.

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Different Types of Tokens in Crypto World

Types of Tokens in Crypto WorldCrypto TokenThe phrase "crypto token" refers to a unique virtual currency token or the method by which cryptocurrencies are valued. These tokens are fungible and tradeable assets or utilities with their own blockchains.Security Tokens  A security token is a portable device that electronically authenticates a person's identification by storing personal information. To allow access to a network service, the owner inserts the security token into a system. STS (Security Token Services) creates security tokens that verify a person's identification.Utility TokensUtility tokens are used in the particular system only. More often used for ICOs.Commodity TokensCommodity tokens are tokens backed by standard assets that already have an independent value such as gold, oil, or a fiat currency.Non Fungible TokensNFT stands for Non-fungible Token. It represents digital assets that are diverse from each other with Identification codes. A unit of data stored on a digital ledger namely Blockchain certifying a digital asset to be inimitable or unique ensuring it is not interchangeable is termed as Non-Fungible Token (NFT).If you wish to develop your own token, contact us for restructuring and reframing your idea. Our Consultants will surely consolidate your thoughts regarding the Token development service.

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What is Decentralized Autonomous Organization?

Decentralized Autonomous OrganizationDAO stands for decentralized Autonomous Organization. It is defined as a company or an organization that is not controlled by a single institution or managing staff. DAO refers to an organization where all the processes are automated and based on open-source programming code often viewed and used by anyone in the network. Designed to be Automated and decentralized, DAO is an organization structure without a board of directors and management. With an aim to eliminate human error or investor manipulation, DAO is specially designed with all the rules embedded into the code thus removing the hierarchy hurdles and bureaucracy.  

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What are Stablecoins?

A stablecoin is defined as a cryptocurrency class offering price stability and is backed by a real-world asset. A stable coin doesn’t fluctuate similar to the other cryptos like bitcoin or ether. Pegged to other assets like US dollar or Gold they offer fixed value compared to normal cryptocurrencies. With a stable valuation like Fiat currency, they offer mobility and utility like cryptocurrency. Most of the stablecoins are pegged at a ratio of 1:1 with fiat currencies like Euro or US dollars that can be traded on exchanges. 

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Metaverse - The Next Revolution in the Crypto World

What is Metaverse?The Metaverse depicts an idea of a persistent, online, and 3D universe; combining a variety of different virtual spaces. It can be defined as a future iteration of the internet. Metaverse is a concept that will enable users to work, meet, play games, and socialize together in the 3D space. In the present scenario, Metaverse is partially in existence through video games that offer the closest metaverse experience.Metaverse is the next big thing in the crypto world. Cryptocurrencies can be leveraged for Metaverse since they enable the creation a digital economy with a wide array of tokens and virtual collectibles. However, Metaverse will be driven by an augmented reality where every user will control the character. Besides, gaming and social media Metaverse will combine economies, decentralized applications, digital identity, and other applications. Metaverse will transform the way businesses take place in the coming days and the way people interact with each other, believe market experts.What are the core attributes of a metaverse?The most popular ideas about the Metaverse come from science fiction. The Metaverse is frequently depicted in this context as a kind of digital "jacked-in" internet — a manifestation of actual reality but one grounded in a virtual (often theme park-like) world. So, the core attributes of the Metaverse can be identified as: Synchronous and live: While pre-scheduled and self-contained events will occur, the Metaverse will be a living experience that exists continuously for everyone and in real-time, just as it does in "real life."Persistent: It never "resets," "pauses," or "ends," — it just keeps going endlessly.Available individually and concurrently: Everyone can be a part of the Metaverse and take part in a specific event/place/activity simultaneously and with their agency in the Metaverse.A fully functioning economy: Individuals and businesses should be able to create, own, invest in, sell and be compensated for a vast array of efforts that produce value that others recognize.An experience: It should span both digital and physical worlds, private and public networks/experiences, as well as open and closed platforms.A wide range of contributors: It should be filled with content and experiences developed and operated by many contributors, some of whom are self-employed, while others are informally organized or commercially-oriented businesses.Offer unprecedented interoperability: It should offer remarkable data, digital items/assets, content, and other interoperability between each of the experiences—a car developed for Rocket League (or even the Porsche's website) could be transported over to work in Roblox. Today's digital world operates as if it were a shopping mall, with each store having its own money, unique ID cards, proprietary units of measurement for items like shoes or calories, and various dress rules, among other things.

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Understanding ICO, IDO, IEO, STO, INO Fundraising models in Crypto

What is an Initial Coin Offering(ICO)? An initial Coin Offering (ICO) in the crypto world is considered to be equivalent to an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Initial Coin Offering depicts a fundraising model that helps raise capital in the cryptocurrency industry. A company or new coin wanting to raise money can launch an ICO to raise capital. The interested investors can buy the initial coin offering to receive a new crypto token issued by the company. Initial Coin Offering begins with a new or an established company looking to raise capital for its growth. It is a crowdfunding event to raise money for a new cryptocurrency asset, company, or venture.What is Initial DEX Offering(IDO)?Initial Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Offering is a crypto token offering running on a Decentralized Exchange. Liquidity pools (LP) play a crucial role here by creating liquidity post-sale. Delivering a cost-effective and easier way for projects to distribute tokens, the initial DEX offering during a token generation event lets users lock their funds in exchange for new tokens. Initial DEX offering is referred to as a successor to ICOs and IEOs, where it aims to raise funds and bootstrap a project. Unlike ICOs and IEOs, where tokens are sold before listing, IDOs are listed immediately on a decentralized exchange. What is Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)? An Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is defined as a fundraising model that is managed by an exchange platform. Unlike ICO where the project team is responsible to conduct the fundraising, in an Initial Exchange Offering fundraising is carried out on an exchange platform. In IEO, the users can directly purchase tokens with funds available in their exchange wallet. IEO is easy to manage fundraising model, where users just need an account on the exchange platform with some funds in it to participate. The IEOs offer a high-degree trust and transparency, where the exchange is staking its reputation for a project on its platform. What is Initial Farming Offering (IFO)?Initial Farming Offering (IFO) is defined as a fundraising model that helps newly launched Defi projects raise capital by participating in pre-sales events. IFO is considered to be the successor of Initial Coin Offering (ICO), depicting a crowdsourcing method used by crypto projects to raise capital in the early stages. Investors can raise the capital required for the available projects by participating in the re-sales event hosted by the DEX. IFOs are both similar and different to IEOs and ICOs simultaneously, serving as a way to raise funds for crypto projects. What is Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO)? Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) refers to a fundraising model where a new token is offered to the buyers agreeing to contribute to the liquidity pool. This ensures that Automated Market Maker (AMM) can function since the token is attracting new buyers. It enables multiple projects and startups to raise funds by selling tokens on Defi-based DEX platforms without the need to perform ICO. ILOs can be easily performed on Defi-based DEX platforms since they hold a huge number of investors who might be interested to purchase the crypto tokens immediately for a higher price. These DEXes leverage the AMM mechanism, where liquidity pools are managed by highly skilled liquidity providers. What is Initial NFT Offering (INO)?NFTs have played numerous roles in reaching out to the target audience and creating a buzz for either new tokens or any business. NFT can be used as a marketing tool to attract customers offering them some sort of advantage that is providing some utility to the NFT holder. At such moments initial offering of NFT is the chance for the customer to acquire the NFT and avail of the utility for a particular project.This INO (Initial NFT Offering) can be a marketing tactic or fundraising model. The main thing is to check the number of people who are attracted to the use case and the popularity of the project. Sometimes free NFT offering can come up with a few tasks to accomplish which aid in spreading the project to more people.If you want to develop any fundraising models, please feel free to contact RWaltz - a Crypto and Blockchain Development Company.

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Ethereum Token Standards

Token Standards are defined as the subsets of Smart Contract standards. For Blockchain supporting smart contracts, token standards generally depict how to create an issue, and deploy new tokens based on their underlying Blockchain. In the present scenario, Ethereum is the most commonly used Blockchain to develop Smart Contracts.What are Ethereum Token Standards?Ethereum Request for Comment (ERC) depicts application-level blueprints and conventions in Ethereum. These token standards include the rules that Ethereum-based tokens must comply with. Popular ERC standards describe a required set of functions for a token type, enabling the applications and smart contracts to interact with them predictably.Let’s dive in to explore some popular ERC standards:1. ERC20:ERC20 is the most popularly used token standard on Ethereum. It depicts a technical standard for tokens on Ethereum, offering a list of rules for all Ethereum-based tokens. The ERC20 token is a simple interface that enables creating tokens on Ethereum that can be reused by applications like Defi.2. ERC721:ERC20 token standard defines the fungible tokens while the ERC721 token standard depicts the non-fungible tokens on Ethereum Blockchain. NFT or non-fungible tokens have unique characteristics differentiating them from one another making them a medium to represent collectibles, games, digital arts, domain names, etc. The ERC721 token standard depicts the minimum interface a smart contract will implement to enable crypto collectibles to be owned, managed, and traded.3. ERC777:ERC777 addresses the limitations of ERC20 while being backward compatible. It defines the advanced features for interacting with the tokens like sending/ receiving tokens on behalf of another address. It enables users to reject the incoming tokens from backlisted users.4. ERC1155:ERC20 and ERC721 token standards require a separate contract to be deployed for each type of token. ERC1155 token standard is used to deploy contracts that can manage multiple token types (ERC20, ERC721) at once ensuring cost-effective transactions. Trading multiple tokens can be implemented through this contract and it eliminates the need for approving individual tokens separately.5. ERC2981ERC2981 is a standard way to retrieve information on royalty payments for NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) enabling universal support for royalties across NFT Marketplaces. It enables ERC721 and ERC1155 interfaces, to signal a royalty amount, a NFT Creator is paid for every sale of that NFT.If you are looking for Token Development Services, get in touch with us. connect to our experts and share your token ideas with us.

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