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RWaltz Expands its Footprints in the United Kingdom with a New Office in London

Georgia, December 14, 2021- RWaltz, a leading Blockchain, and Crypto Development company accelerates its transformational journey with a new office in London, U.K. To leverage the high-technology talent pool in the region, RWaltz inaugurated its new office in the United Kingdom on 22nd November 2021. This recent expansion plan contributes to the company’s vision of delivering Client Satisfaction through Talented & Motivated Employee Engagement.With a proven track record of pioneers in Blockchain and Crypto Development, RWaltz is leading the edge over competitors marking a revolution across the business world. RWaltz has highly certified professionals working round-the-clock to deliver service excellence. Embarking on a Digital journey, RWaltz emphasis on being a trend-setter to lead the technological race. “We are delighted to announce the inauguration of our new office in London. Our new office is located close to a few of the world’s tech giants. This vicinity will offer us access to a huge pool of finest talent in the region that will fuel our business growth,” Since its inception in 2000, RWaltz is serving a wide array of customers across the globe with its industry-specific solutions. Facilitating state-of-art Blockchain and Crypto Development, RWaltz is expanding its digital paradigm in the United Kingdom. Adding another global business address to the directory, RWaltz aims to seamlessly serve its customers globally by accelerating its expansion plans. “RWaltz is growing rapidly and we were looking for a region with high caliber talents, proximity to Business Prospects, and a perfect Geographical Point paving the way for future growth. Our new office in London qualifies all the three checklists for sustainable growth,” 

RWaltz Accolades its Female Employees on International Women’s Day!

India, March 8, 2021- “She plays multiple roles and each role is special!” Empowering womanhood, RWaltz has always appreciated its Female employees for chaining the blocks of its success. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, all the gentlemen at RWaltz made efforts to honor the dazzling divas for sharing equal roles and responsibilities across departments. The beauties of RWaltz walked the floor to glorify Women’s day eve. Amplifying the achievements of our female employees, the celebration began with a speech to reward their presence in the organization.   “She is a friend, she is a colleague, she is a mother, she is a sister, she is a daughter, she is a wife and more importantly she is best in all that she does! It’s high time we recognize that women have marked their presence across industries. They have proved that skills and talent don’t have gender. Women from different walks of life work with us and share our workloads even better. Today, we salute their contribution towards our growth,” said Gopi Mali.To entertain our guests of honor, the women’s day celebration involved the active participation of our gorgeous ladies in multiple gaming sessions. Awarding the winners with the surprise gifts, we motivated them to continue with the spirit and enthusiasm in every field they work. “Womanhood deserves to be respected and cherished not just one day, but round the year. We acknowledge the presence of our female employees and thank them for adding life to our workplace,” quoted Abhijeet Bhosale. To make the evening more sensational, we offered a token of appreciation to all our female employees where our directors rewarded them with gifts. The gorgeous divas were clicked with multiple poses and props. The celebration came to an end with a delicious twist! Our ladies, together rose the knife to cut the cake and pull the curtains down to the glittery eve.  

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