blockchain based medical supply chain
Ethereum Based Medicine Supply Chain

Implementation of Medicine Supply Chain using Ethereum addresses the issue of handling & storing critical data necessary at different stages of the medicine supply chain. It helps stakeholders to track & trace the medicines, and consumers can verify the authenticity of the medicine.

  • This project showcases the journey of medicine on the blockchain.
  • The Medicine Supply Chain is the sequence of activities and processes of transferring medicines from the manufacturer to the consumer.
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Problems in Existing System
  • Currently, manufacturers have a difficult time keeping track of their medicines, and hence the chance of introducing counterfeit drugs increases.
  • It is high risk for the consumer to consume illegitimate drugs. Stakeholders are not able to maintain the transparency and security of the data throughout the supply chain.
What We Are Providing?
  • Using blockchain technology, all details of medicine are available by just scanning the QRCode/Barcode.
  • Our system offers traceability of the drugs, reduces losses related to counterfeiting, enhances transparency, increases the trust of the stakeholders, and saves operational costs.

Application Work Flow Diagram

Application Work Flow Diagram
In this Application, We Have Five Stages
  • 1. Admin
  • 2. Manufacturer
  • 3. Distributor
  • 4. Retailer
  • 5. Consumer
1. Admin
  • Adds basic product information and manages that product into the system.
  • Takes a close watch on batch progress in the system.
  • Manages all the manufacturers added to the system.
  • Ability to trace the batch progress up to the retailer.
2. Manufacturer
  • Adds new product and create a new batch on the blockchain
  • Accepts manufacturing orders from the admin to manufacture medicines
  • Distributes the medicines batch to the next stakeholder i.e. distributor
  • Ability to trace the batch progress
3. Distributor
  • Accepts the products from the manufacturer.
  • Checks assigned batch details in its own panel.
  • Assigns the batch to retailers.
  • Ability to trace the batch progress.
4. Retailer
  • Accepts the batch from the distributor.
  • Sells medicine to the consumer and maintains records by scanning the QRCode/Barcode.
  • View the sold medicines.
  • Ability to trace the batch progress.
5. Consumer
  • Purchases medicine from the retailer
  • Scans the QRCode/Barcode printed on the product to check the product journey and authenticity of the drug
  • Report on receiving counterfeit drugs
Components We Use
  • Ethereum
  • node js
    Node js
  • apache and mysql
    Apache and Mysql
  • IPFS
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