Blockchain Based on ERC20 Tokenization & Financial Inclusion Platform

Ethereum Based ERC20 Tokens (FEX, BANQA, SAVER, ST20, ST20E)

  • Implementation of ERC20 Tokens i.e. FEX, BANQA, SAVER, ST20, ST20E using Ethereum smart Contract.
  • A user can Buy, Sell, Transfer, Deposit and Payout Tokens.

Ethereum Based on CryptoNote E-Voucher.

  • A user can Generate and Redeem CryptoNote E-Voucher Using Token FEX, BANQA, SAVER.
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What We Are Providing?
  • We have implemented Smart Contract for -

    FEX, BANQA, SAVER, ST20, ST20E Token.

    Generate CryptoNote E-Voucher.

  • Adding Airdrop

    Airdrop is a Criteria to get rewards in terms of Token.

    Any user achieves this criteria, then this user gets rewards in terms of a token.

  • System Features

    User can Buy

    User can Sell

    User can Transfer

    User can Deposit

    User can Payout Tokens


In This Application, We Have Two Panels
  • Admin has the authority to
  • Add a new user.
  • User KYC Verification and get approval to use this system.
  • See All Users.
  • Block any user if he wants (untrusted person).
  • Approve added token (User Can Buy those Token whose approve by admin).
  • Set Airdrop Criteria (This is a Criteria to get rewards in terms of Token).
  • See All Users token Transactions.
  • See users Deposit History.
  • See Users Payout History.
  • Create a Dividend Log for ST20 and ST20E Token.
  • User Can see All Token on Dashboard whose Approve by admin.
  • A user can Activate one token (i.e. FEX/BANQA/SAVER/ST20/ST20E).
  • A user can see token Balance of Activate token in the dashboard.
  • A user can Buy, Sell, Transfer, Deposit and Payout Tokens.
  • A user can Generate CryptoNote E-Voucher.
  • User gets E-Share Certificate for ST20 and ST20E Token.
  • A user can see airdrop criteria (Any user achieve this criteria, then this user get a reward in terms of a token).
  • A user can refer any user to create Account on SureSWAP.
  • A user can see his/her Referrals list.
  • A user can See his/her transactions history.
Components we use
  • Solidity
  • Metamask
  • Infura
  • Truffle
  • Web3JS
  • Apache and PHP
    Apache and PHP
  • IPFS
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