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Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

RWaltz Software, a Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company, provides excellent crypto exchange software to help you build your fully customized and ideal exchange platform.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Types

Decentralized (DEX) Crypto Exchange Development

Decentralized exchanges (DEX) are a type of cryptocurrency exchange that enables secure online cryptocurrency transactions without the need for a mediator.

Centralized (CEX) Crypto Exchange Development

Centralized exchanges (CEX) are a type of cryptocurrency exchange that is operated by a company that owns it in a centralized manner.

P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Peer-to-peer exchanges (P2P) are a type of cryptocurrency exchange where people can trade directly with each other, without processing fiat payments on their own.

Our Features for Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Trade Matching

Allow traders to instantly open and close orders. We can incorporate a reliable Spot Trading capability into the trading engine that can handle big volumes of orders without causing any issues. When designing the platform, our developers give equal attention to security as well as speed, protecting your users from external threats.

Over the Counter

Create a decentralized platform that allows buyers and sellers to directly communicate and settle trades. We provide platforms that ensure a secure and seamless experience for customers buying and selling crypto assets.

Fiat-to-crypto trading

Launch a fiat-to-crypto trading platform to enable clients to discover the potential of their crypto assets. Your clients will have a frictionless experience changing traditional fiat currency to crypto and vice versa if you keep liquidity in mind.

Why RWaltz for Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development?

Customers can buy and sell cryptocurrencies and digital assets on Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms in one click. Our educated professionals are in charge of developing customizable trading software that allows for secure and quick transactions. We implement sustainable solutions that are supported by a number of industries as early adopters of Blockchain Technology.

Blockchain Development For Various Industries

Banking and Finance

Financial players are the first movers to experiment on this technology. Many banks are trying their hand out on blockchain services for money transfers, record keeping and other back-end functions. Paperwork in banks will be converted to digital records like excel and many more technologies with the help of blockchain. With the help of Blockchain verified documents, financial crimes can be reduced. With KYC (know your customer) you can help to eliminate the money laundering and terrorism activities. Blockchain would help to reduce the mediator intervention in payment transaction systems so beneficiaries can benefit most from banking and finance.

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