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The 21st century has evolved many technologies, and blockchain technology is one of the recent technologies to be introduced. The concept of blockchain began with bitcoins - the cryptocurrency. Blockchain is just the digital information stored in a public ledger. This revolutionary technology impacts different industries as it provides a secured data storage platform. Hence, businesses having a big amount of critical data hire blockchain development companies to build more efficient business processes.

In this technology, RWaltz is a top blockchain development company with a team of experienced leaders in the blockchain industry. We work with a perfect blend of innovative ideas and technology-driven blockchain development to enhance your business to a great extent. Our blockchain development services provide world-class transformational solutions that will lead your business all around the world.
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Our Blockchain Development Services

Blockchain is becoming very familiar day by day, so every other industry is finding it essential to convert their regular working into blockchain applications. Blockchain technology is a huge software platform for various industries. It stores the data across networks which makes this data decentralized and distributed. Thus, considering technological needs we offer various blockchain development services.

Hyperledger is used prominently for cross-industry working, hosted by The Linux Foundation and supported by IBM. It does not refer to any specific technology, hyperledger just intends to introduce the other projects who are working on open source and blockchain technology.

We will always suggest you the intelligent contracts for long term investment. Smart contracts allow the execution of credible transactions without third parties and the mediator gets eliminated automatically.

Ethereum development is basically useful for developing decentralized applications. It is built on a 3-tier architecture, which has an advanced browser for the client, the blockchain ledger as a shared resource, and a virtual network of computers that run smart business logic programs in a decentralized way. In this way, you will get more secured applications and processes.

ICO Development

ICO means Initial Coin Offering. To make your business a profitable one our company RWaltz becomes your partner to make this happen. There are a surfeit of Initial Coin Offering services which you are going to have which can boost your cryptocurrency

Having ready to use solution for your company is not the way we work, we have blockchain consulting which will first encourage you to use and get adapted to the new technology and then according to your feasibility and comfort we come up with blockchain solutions which will be suitable for your company.

Decentralized Applications are a new type of software application that is not owned by a central authority, and more importantly cannot be shut down by anyone and does not undergo downtime. They are open-source software that uses smart contracts to run transactions on a blockchain. RWaltz develops DAPPS for your better use because what is yours is solely yours.

Blockchain Development Platforms We Work On
  • Ethereuem
    Ethererum is nothing but a distributed public blockchain network. It is blockchain technology based open software platform which allows developers to develop & deploy decentralized applications.
  • Hyperledger
    Hyperledger is commonly used private blockchain, mainly by enterprises to make transactions between businesses more seamless & effective. To assist each case's custom needs, hyperledger has a modular blockchain framework through which businesses can plug in different functions according to their particular needs.
  • Openchain
    Open chain is an open-source spread ledger technology. It is suited for those organizations that are willing to issue and manage digital assets in a robust, secure, and scalable way. An open chain is more efficient than systems that use Proof of Work
  • R3 Corda
    R3 Corda
    Corda allows you to build interoperable blockchain networks that transact in strict privacy. Corda's smart contract technology will enable businesses to negotiate directly with value.
  • Big Chain
    Big Chain
    Big chain functions as a database in the blockchain. The big chain allows developers and enterprises to position blockchain proof-of-concept, platforms and different blockchain applications with a blockchain database — this supports a wide range of industries and use cases.
  • Multichain
    The MultiChain technology is a platform that helps users to establish a specific private blockchains. These private blockchains will be further useful for organizations for their financial transactions.

Technology Stack We Use for Blockchain Development

We work with a perfect combination of innovative ideas and technology-driven IT solutions to beat the business challenges of our customers. With the technological advancement in the digital world, we tend to provide smarter blockchain development strategies to build an exceptional experience for your brand & its target audience.

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Blockchain Development For Various Industries
Blockchain has proven to be quite significant in almost all sectors. Some companies are already using solutions based on distributed ledger technology in everyday business operations. The current areas where blockchain development companies are working:
  • Banking and Finance
    Banking and Finance
  • Real Estate
    Real Estate
  • Automobile and transportation
    Automobiles & Transportation
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • logistic
  • Trading
  • Insurance
Banking and Finance
Financial players are the first movers to experiment on this technology. Many banks are trying their hand out on blockchain services for money transfers, record keeping and other back-end functions. Paperwork in banks will be converted to digital records like excel and many more technologies with the help of blockchain. With the help of Blockchain verified documents, financial crimes can be reduced. With KYC (know your customer) you can help to eliminate the money laundering and terrorism activities. Blockchain would get rid of all the intermediaries in the payment processing system so finance and bankings have the most beneficiaries in this case.
Real Estate
Blockchain technology is recently been incorporated by the commercial real estate (CRE) industry. CRE officials are finding that blockchain-based smart contracts can play bigger role in their industry. Blockchain technology can potentially transform core CRE operations such as property transactions, purchase, sale, financing, leasing, and management transactions. Also providing new abilities as tokenization and fractional ownership of a property. This is especially interesting when it comes to costly assets like real estate. Rather than one individual owning one property, it may be possible for various individuals to purchase tokens of the property and co-own that property.
Automobile and Transportation
Automobile is the biggest industry to go through technology changes very rapidly. Blockchain can be very interesting in case of cars. Using smart contracts and IOT, dealerships can automate several processes involved in supply chain of raw materials and finished products, car sales, service, warranty claim processing and much more. Moreover, it helps the buyer and seller to avoid middlemen or third parties to be involved in transactions or insurance claims. This decentralized ledger technology can help to build a state of trust and peacefulness in customers, manufacturers and service centers with it’s transparency and immutability.
Using blockchain applications for government use will foster the public sector in an unimaginable way. So many process will become faster and more efficient with the use of blockchain technologies. The existing system will change its look towards the new blockchain based application which increase the citizens trust over government policies. A blockchain-based application for government can secure the information, streamline processes, and eliminate fraud, and misuse all the while expanding trust and transparency. On a blockchain-based government model, people, organizations, and governments share assets over a distributed ledger which is verified using cryptography. This structure reduces a single point of failure and secures citizen and government data.
Blockchain in healthcare will be the best innovation in the health industry. Apparently, there is still no universally recognized patient identifier where blockchain can help. Also for the authenticity of medical equipment and medicines, blockchain-proof supply chain will help. Despite being deemed an illegal practice, information blocking has been a problem in the healthcare industry, with blockchain we can achieve that in no time. The confidential data of patients dispersed over multiple systems can be streamlined utilizing blockchain. The medical records would be able to be shared effectively and safely. The cryptography will deal with all the issues offering scalability as well as data protection.
Use of blockchain in logistics will make it more secure. Since the logistics industry involves many parties, manufacturers, customers, suppliers, auditors, etc everyone will find the blockchain to be advantageous. With the help of blockchain customer can track the product very easily and the whole manufacturer to customer chain can be traced in this way. The importance of blockchain in logistics is something more than just storing data. Blockchain technology builds a value in the supply chain through better security and process standardization, yet it holds extra a value through new logistics services and business models. For example, blockchain upgrades auditing of goods transported, invoice management and cybersecurity.
Trading was the first application of blockchain which initiated in 2015. Security and trading are very closely related. The blockchain functions through a viable bookkeeping system and can register every transaction, denying the possibility of changing and deleting any of them. So trading becomes quite easier with blockchain being a core part of it. The issues of high risk, irresistible to fraud and slow processing in trade finance can be eliminated with the help of blockchain. Blockchain technology is based on a digitalized and decentralized ledger model which offers more security and robustness than the existing system. This reduces the possibility of fraud and makes it easier to trace the trade transaction..
Technology disruption has arrived at insurance industry. Blockchain is helping the insurance industry fundamentally by transforming the operational processes with faster authenticated data exchanges, visibility for all parties, and exchanges supported with security and trust. They're automating all the insurance regulatory processes and thus improving proficiency and accuracy for insurers and state insurance departments. Blockchain based insurance process will change the current working of insurance. These processes will ensure security and authenticated document verification, faster claims process which will increase the trust factor amongst the clients.
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Being a leading blockchain development company, we focus on customized blockchain solutions catering & fulfilling your exact business needs. Our blockchain expert team provides a comprehensive and holistic client experience by following a standardized blockchain development process. We pitch our idea to you only after auditing the complete process that you follow in your industry or workplace. After the audit, we have the best researchers and blockchain developers to give you the optimal solutions.
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Blockchain Development

With the trust of the client, we have all end-to-end solutions for our clients regarding the blockchain services.

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Blockchain Consulting

We do not have a developed blind solution in RWaltz, where we first understand your needs and then work on them to give you the best answers.

Why Choose RWaltz For Blockchain Development?
Blockchain development services have been adapted in the commercial sectors. So out there exists many blockchain development companies to implement and regulate the blockchain applications. We have an exception here at RWaltz, and we have a variety of applications based on your usability. Whether finance or industrial manufacturing, if you require to improvise your work and processes, RWaltz is the best home for your concern. We have the best team of blockchain developers who have worked on various blockchain use cases.
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With the best technologies and the best employees working on the blockchain development every day, RWaltz is the answer to your complication in the current working scenario. We have a team of certified developers to work on your projects. Our goal is to make you adopt the recent technologies and become familiar with it. So don’t hesitate to stop by at RWaltz and have a glance at our work.
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The most commonly asked questions in context, forums, blogs and social platform.

  • A blockchain is a distributed digital ledger that exists on multiple computers simultaneously.
  • It is a chain of blocks that contain records of data with a unique hash value that makes the information tamper-proof.
  • Developing applications & platforms with the help of blockchain is defined as Blockchain Development.
  • It can carry trust and transparency to the business ecosystems with its immutable approach.
  • We are a blockchain development company that can provide blockchain development services right from setting up a decentralized platform to building various applications.

We know that anything written to the blockchain or smart contract can't be erased or modified. Hence, we always guarantee to follow the right strategy with regards to the blockchain implementation.

Our team has made a right approach to deal with building blockchain applications and we follow a step by step blockchain development process.

Following are the stages involved in our blockchain development process:
  • 1. Identify the Goal
  • 2. Select Suitable Blockchain Platform
  • 3. Blockchain Ideation
  • 4. Developing PoC or Prototype
  • 5. Designing Visual & Technical Architecture
  • 6. Building Blockchain Application
  • 7. Blockchain Application Deployment
  • 8. Maintenance

As the businesses have started to adopt blockchain technology by building blockchain business applications, the demand for blockchain development is increasing day by day.

We understand that there are various blockchain platforms accessible in the market; hence, we put our valuable time to select appropriate platforms that offer scalability and security to blockchain applications.

As a leading blockchain development company, our expert blockchain developers are working on the following blockchain development platform:
  • Ethereum
  • Hyperledger Fabric & Besu
  • Openchain
  • R3 Corda
  • Big Chain
  • Multichain
Deciding how long it will take to build up a Blockchain Project will depend upon different factors such as:
  • Development platform
  • Complexity of the project
  • Experience level of developer
  • Highlights and usefulness
  • Functionality and many more.

Get in touch with us with your requirements to know the estimated time.

Many of us already know that blockchain applications deal with financial transactions, but the features of this technology are good for other spheres too. Distributed ledger technologies are beneficial in terms of

  • Storage
  • Security
  • Sharing
  • Encrypting data
  • Keeping records
  • Providing access to data
  • It removes middlemen which makes things faster and secure.

So, if your application is attributed to any of these features then you should use blockchain-based solutions.

No, we don’t provide legal consultancy but sometimes we may provide suggestions based on our previous experience.

A smart contract is basically a program coded for a particular purpose. Smart contracts have various applications. In banking and finance, smart contracts can help automate claims processing and empower real-time enforcement of regulatory control limits. In supply chain management, smart contracts are utilized to authorize asset tracking procedures. Smart contracts have boundless formats so as to help a wide range of industries.

Smart contracts can strengthen relationships between two parties where the transactions are digitally processed. Ethereum platform is the formula of success behind smart contracts that provide two different accounts: A personal account and a smart contract account where the smart contract account doesn't possess any private key instead it is controlled by an unalterable code, making it effectively open to do crypto transactions on the move.

As smart contracts are stored on a shared ledger in an encrypted format, outsiders find it difficult to steal documents. Smart contracts are basically secured tech, we develop contracts that keep fraudsters away by enabling trust.

Our Smart contracts follow the laws of transparency to guarantee proper management of transaction details in the form of informative records stored in an organized way. We ensure our Smart contracts don't allow the alteration of records - An exceptional advantage for fields like banking and healthcare services to profit by vigorous recordkeeping.

Smart Contracts has the ability to bring the following advantages:
  • Automated business processes
  • More transparency with decentralized execution
  • Reliable and immutable
  • Clear communication
  • High efficiency
  • Reduced intermediaries will enhance trust
  • Automotive auditing mechanism of digital value reduces error

ICO is an abbreviation of Initial Coin Offering. It is considered as the alternative option and future of fundraising mechanisms. ICO is reforming the rising economic model for startups or new project developers to trade their crypto tokens in return for fiat or different cryptocurrency.

The most ideal approach to evaluate an ICO is to investigate each part of the project, for example, business model, project team, community feedback, VC contribution, market niche, and narrow it down to their exact strategy.

Easy fundraising: ICO is the best method to raise funds for blockchain-based activities.

International reach: ICO gives a chance to reach a worldwide market with no complication.

DApp is an abbreviation for decentralized applications. DApps are decentralized which implies it cannot be controlled by a single entity. Hence, DApps runs on a peer-to-peer network and uses blockchain technology. A peer-to-peer network is distributed as each piece of information is continuously circulated amongst all participants of the network. A huge network with a higher number of participants may lead to slower speed and performance but in the long run, it strengthens a network.

Public(Permissionless) and Private(Permissioned) blockchain serve different purposes. A public blockchain is used with applications that are serving larger communities because of transparency. Whereas, a private blockchain is popular with applications that need controlled access to the data. Therefore, you can use both blockchain either Public(Permissionless) or Private(Permissioned) depending on your requirements.

Both Ethereum and Hyperledger can be utilized to make the application you need. However, selecting the appropriate platform is dependent on your business requirements. Ethereum runs the Smart Contracts for applications that are opting to be decentralized and are for mass consumption. On the other hand, Hyperledger can be used in applications which are operated in a closed environment & needs higher confidentiality.

Yes, Ethereum blockchain can be used as a private blockchain. An Ethereum Private Network is a totally private Blockchain which is isolated from the Ethereum Main Network. Ethereum Private Network is essentially made to limit the read permissions of the Blockchain. Only the selected nodes with the correct authorizations will have access to this Blockchain.

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