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The Future of NFTs: Will Bored Apes Still Reign Supreme in 2024?

September 26, 2023


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) took the world by storm in 2021, with sales surging to over $40 billion. Leading the pack was Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), which quickly emerged as the top NFT collection. With its cool animated apes and exclusive benefits for holders, BAYC captured the zeitgeist and developed an almost cult-like following. As we approach 2024, many wonder whether BAYC will still reign supreme in the rapidly evolving NFT landscape. This article will explore its prospects against up-and-coming rivals.

The Rise of Bored Apes
BAYC burst onto the NFT scene in April 2021, offering a collection of 10,000 unique Bored Ape NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. They sold out almost immediately to early crypto adopters and NFT enthusiasts attracted by the quirky art style and promise of exclusive perks.
Momentum built steadily through the year as BAYC introduced a "roadmap" outlining future plans. Celebrities like Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and Steph Curry snapped up apes, boosting demand. Top sales like the $2.3M purchase of BAYC #8800 cemented its blue-chip status.
By the end of 2021, BAYC's floor price was around $300k as it overtook CryptoPunks to become the top NFT collection by market cap. Its founders continued to innovate, launching a digital currency called ApeCoin and new NFTs like the Bored Ape Kennel Club.
However, its tight-knit community and brand cachet are arguably bigger factors than just its roadmap. BAYC exhibits immense strength from a cult-like social scene and highly engaged holders. This community cohesion can be partly attributed to the well-designed, user-friendly NFT marketplace and platforms that Yuga Labs created to enable the project's success.
Having robust nft marketplace development services and Web3 infrastructure allowed BAYC's community to grow organically. It provided a seamless user experience for buying, selling, and trading the NFTs. The value of quality nft marketplace development should not be underestimated when assessing the roots of BAYC's rise. Along with the art and roadmap, its technical foundations played a key role.

Key Factors in BAYC’s Success
Several key factors have fueled BAYC's meteoric rise and made it a juggernaut in the NFT space:
Scarcity and Exclusivity - With only 10,000 Apes ever minted, BAYC benefits greatly from low supply and scarce assets. Owning a bored ape signifies elite status. Members-only benefits like access to THE BATHROOM NFT mint further promote exclusivity.
Vibrant Community - BAYC's engaged social community creates a distinctive culture around the brand. Apes will rally around new projects and activations, generating hype and value. This cohesion provides durability even amid market volatility.
Strong Brand Image - The Bored Apes' funky retro-futuristic art style and personality-driven traits have a strong appeal. Yuga Labs continues iterating with new looks like Mutant Apes. The brand itself has developed an anti-establishment, edgy vibe that resonates.
Utility and Innovation - Perks like The Bathroom Pexel and ApeCoin DAO provide utility and enable innovative experiences within the BAYC ecosystem. New additions expand possibilities.
First Mover Advantage - As an early high-profile NFT collection, BAYC has benefitted greatly from the first mover advantage. It onboarded many newcomers to the NFT space.
Founder Vision - Yuga Labs' founders have guided BAYC's development with strategic foresight. They prioritize delivering value to holders as they build out an entire franchise.

The Evolving NFT Landscape
Given BAYC's firm grasp on the top spot through late 2022, one may assume it will continue to reign supreme through 2024. However, there are some indications that its dominance could face real threats:

  • New projects like Azuki and Moonbirds have seized community mindshare, even if they haven't yet matched BAYC’s market cap.
  • Bored Apes are becoming so ubiquitous among celebrities and crypto nouveau riche that some feel they've lost cachet.
  • As the space expands, early adopters seek out fresh, innovative collections rather than just chasing OG blue chips.
  • Some newer projects are learning from BAYC's playbook, replicating its community-building tactics.
  • Yuga Labs' ambitious new metaverse and NFT initiatives like Otherside could flop and drain momentum if not executed perfectly.

While the Bored Apes brand itself remains strong for now, the era of it overshadowing everything else may be ending. As new projects build out more utility and benefits for holders, community loyalty and sentiment could shift. However, BAYC still has its scarce assets, passionate community, and founder track record on its side.
The biggest threat may be resting on its laurels rather than continuing to innovate. But if any team can creatively expand the brand, it’s Yuga. They have the resources to partner with the top nft marketplace development services to build out true metaverse utility.
Smaller projects simply can't match that scale yet. While the playing field is evening out, BAYC retains tremendous advantages in terms of funding, staffing, and recognition. They shaped the NFT landscape - now they can evolve with it.
Yuga is already making moves, from purchasing blue chip IPs like CryptoPunks to launching Otherside virtual land plots. While some initiatives may fail, the willingness to swing big is what built BAYC in the first place. As long as Yuga keeps taking bold risks, it's hard to imagine any single rival knocking them from their perch in 2024.
BAYC is no longer the only game in town. But with their resources and ambition, they don't need to be. While we'll likely see a more diverse array of winners in the next era, don't expect the Bored Apes to cede the top spot easily. With the right NFT marketplace development services powering their vision, they have the potential to keep innovating and expanding the entire industry.

Key Projects to Watch
As BAYC approaches its 2nd birthday, which emerging projects have the potential to achieve similar or greater dominance in the next 1-2 years? Here are some top contenders:
Azuki - This anime-inspired collection of 10,000 avatars has one of the most loyal followings. Its Nora Universe metaverse and Ape Fest 2022 event strengthen its utility. The current floor price is around 19 ETH. With celebrity holders like Steph Curry, Azuki is poised for growth. But its art style may be too niche to dethrone BAYC.
Moonbirds - This collection of 10,000 owl-themed NFTs already surpassed Azuki with a 25 ETH floor price within 4 months of minting. Proof it can challenge apes? Its staking rewards incentivize holding. Moonbirds still needs to expand its real-world utility, but its community is highly engaged.
Goblintown - Backed by hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg, this collection reminds me of BAYC’s early days. With high-profile collaborations in the works, its 10,000 goblins could keep gaining relevance. But the team needs to avoid oversaturating supply with new mints.
World of Women - By offering diverse and stylized female avatars, WOW has carved out a niche in the male-dominated NFT space. Support from major women artists bolsters its brand. If it can expand the utility and mainstream its mission, it could continue turning heads.
Doodles - These cartoon blob characters sit just outside the top 10 projects by market cap. Doodles’ strength lies in consistent brand-building and community engagement. More holder perks would give it extra momentum to crack the top tier.
In Betweeners - This new project (8,888 items) from star music producer Benny Blanco has quickly built major hype with his industry connections. The art resembles childlike scrawls. With major celebrities and pop culture appeal, it has breakout potential.
No collection has yet shown all the traits needed to definitively overtake BAYC. But some combination of vision, innovation, community, and mainstream appeal could produce the perfect storm. BAYC should be scanning the horizon.

Factors That Could Displace BAYC
Bored Ape Yacht Club is undoubtedly the heavyweight champion of NFT collections right now. However, it’s not infallible. Some factors that could contribute to its decline from the top spot:
Scandal - If allegations emerged of illegal activity or unethical behavior by Yuga Labs or BAYC community members, it could badly damage the brand’s image. Other collections would happily seize the throne.
Diminishing Brand Cachet - BAYC must fight becoming passé among newer NFT adopters, a relic of the early days. Fresh faces like Azuki and Moonbirds could represent “the next big thing”.
Lack of Innovation - If Yuga Labs rests on its laurels without introducing new value and utility for holders, boredom could set in. Stagnation could open the door for bolder projects.
Technical Issues - Any extended outage, breach, or exploit affecting the Ethereum blockchain or BAYC smart contracts could erode trust. Rival chains like Solana may capitalize.
Community Division - If BAYC culture fractures due to infighting over decisions or allegations against members, its strength could greatly diminish. Unity has been key.
Market Paradigm Shift - If the NFT space evolves away from avatar collections to a new model like gaming NFTs, BAYC could become less relevant unless it adapts accordingly.
Overall, the key threats revolve around complacency, controversy, and the emergence of fresher, more innovative competitors. But BAYC has overcome crashes and cycles before, indicating its brand and community have durability. Yuga Labs must stay nimble and proactive to prevent any cracks from forming in their empire.

Predictions on the Leader in 2024
Gazing into our crystal ball, will the Bored Apes remain the industry leader through 2024? Here are some predictions:
BAYC's brand recognition and community still seem unparalleled. New projects have come close, but have not quite dethroned yet. The resources and talent behind BAYC also outweigh most upstarts. While threats have emerged, they have remained king of the jungle.
However, BAYC is not making bold enough moves to stay ahead. We predict it will still rank among the top collections, but will lose its clear dominance. The era of a single blue chip project towering over all others is ending. The coming year or two will see a handful of contenders rise and claim a share of the throne.
Azuki, Moonbirds,d G andblintown appear best positioned to become BAYC's biggest rivals based on community energy, found visions, and real-world traction. Each could carve out a niche - Azuki as the new elite brand, Moonbirds for metaverse utility, and Goblintown for mainstream pop culture appeal.
We think interoperability and bridges between the top chains will also dissipate Ethereum's first-mover advantage, allowing projects built on Solana and other chains to contend. Gaming NFTs could also shake up the landscape, absorbing more newcomers.
Ultimately, we don’t foresee BAYC fading into obscurity, but we predict it will fall back to being just one of the top five blue chip projects rather than the undisputed king by 2024. Other ascendant collections will eat into its market share. But it can certainly remain highly relevant with the right moves.

The future of NFTs in 2024 and beyond promises to be an exciting ride. As the market continues expanding, the dominance of single projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club appears ripe for disruption by up-and-coming contenders.
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