Pharma Supply Chain

Assist Medicine Supply Chain at Different Stages from Manufacturer to Consumer

Implementation of Medicine Supply Chain using Ethereum addresses the issue of handling & storing critical data necessary at different stages of the medicine supply chain. It helps stakeholders to track & trace the medicines, and consumers can verify the authenticity of the medicine.

  • This project showcases the journey of medicine on the blockchain.
  • The Medicine Supply Chain is the sequence of activities and processes of transferring medicines from the manufacturer to the consumer.


Problems in Existing System

  • In the present system, the manufacturers are facing difficulties with respect to keeping a track of medicines, and thus the possibility of introducing counterfeit drugs increases.
  • It is a high risk for the consumer to consume illegitimate drugs. Stakeholders are not able to maintain the transparency and security of the data throughout the supply chain.

Solution: What We Are Providing?

  • Through Blockchain technology, RWaltz ensured the medicine details are available quickly by scanning the QRCode/ Barcode.
  • The system developed by us offers traceability of the drugs, reduces losses related to counterfeiting, enhances transparency, increases the trust of the stakeholders, and saves operational costs.

Components we use

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