Sintryx NFT Marketplace Cedefi Platform

Leveraging Customized NFT Marketplace to Enable Seamless Trading of NFTs

Sintryx is the world’s 1st Solana-based CeDefi platform. It bridges the gap between market participants and simultaneously brings liquidity to secondary trading.

  • The platform makes NFTs from popular marketplaces available for sale.
  • It is an aggregated platform for NFTs from different NFT platforms.

Requirements of the Client 

  • The client needed an aggregate platform of different NFT marketplaces for the users. 
  • The client required a platform where users can explore multiple NFTs, mint the Solana-based NFTs, and perform operations like buying or selling the NFTs.


Services Offered by RWaltz to Meet the Client Demands

  • We analyzed the client's requirements and proposed a customized solution to meet the demands. 
  • We crafted an aggregated platform of different NFT Marketplaces for our clients. 
  • We proposed a customized platform with an admin panel for the user to mint, buy and sell the NFTs. 
  • The admin panel will keep track and control the activities front end of the application.

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