Embracing Blockchain to Derive Extended Version of certificate Verification

Guaranteeing the originality of documents, Uniblocks ensures the documents are authenticated and belong to the original source. Based on Blockchain technology, the system is developed to demolish the issues related to certificate duplication and fake certificate issuing.

  • The system is developed using Parity Ethereum Blockchain and works with a proof of authority consensus algorithm. It enables the universities and institutes to issue certificates and organizations can verify them with a Blockchain-based system.
  • The system was developed to integrate trust and transparency while issuing and verifying the certificates.


Problems in Existing System

  • In the present system, the certificates issued by universities and institutes were in the form of hard copies. Candidates applying for jobs produce these hardcopies to the organizations and the entire process becomes time-consuming since organizations verify these certificates manually.
  • In addition, there are possibilities of candidates producing fake certificates leading to the rising certificate forgeries.

Solution: What We Are Providing?

  • RWaltz developed an extended version of certificate issuing and verification delivering enhanced transparency by authenticating student identities and certificates. This enabled to control the incidences of certificate duplication and forgeries.
  • The security feature of Blockchain enables students to control and secure their information.

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