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RWaltz Glorifies its Success on 22nd May with its Corporate Anniversary
May 23, 2022

India, 22 May 2022- “A Company’s Corporate Success is measured by the efforts poured in by its employees!” RWaltz celebrates its corporate success by raising a toast to appreciate the hard work of RWaltzians. The awardees walked the red carpet and the event commenced with directors lighting the lamps at the Grand Gardens Resort. 

Mittal Bora and Akshay Nair added more glamour to the event with their fabulous anchoring. It was a day outing for all the employees at RWaltz which was a mix of speeches, fun activities, sports, performances, and then the glorious award ceremony.

Aditya Tayade, Director of RWaltz, grabbed the limelight by expressing his gratitude to the RWaltzians, “Today, as I look back to the inception of RWaltz, I can see we have grown tremendously. We started with just a handful of employees and now we have multiple departments with a wide array of technology professionals. It is our team spirit and dedication that are helping us to lead the technological race. Every department at RWaltz has played a crucial role to scale the organization. While our BD team helped us bag multiple big projects, our development team took every challenge sportingly and successfully deployed these projects. We have an iron lady of RWaltz, Mona Bapte who is the best decision-maker. Our HR and Digital Marketing teams too have excelled in all the jobs assigned to them. The design team always went the extra mile to deliver the tasks on deadline and today we can see the results of branding. Lastly, I would like to talk about the Rejoiz team who have always kept their energy levels high and delivered the consignments on time. So, it’s all because of our combined efforts we are celebrating this day. Cheers to our successful journey!”

The brand ambassadors of RWaltz had an enthusiastic day with water sports, archery, and fun activities with teams. The event was not only meant to raise the energy levels of employees but also to strengthen their professional bonds.   

Now, it’s time for some announcements straight from the director’s table. The directors of RWaltz Aditya Tayade and Paras Kale raised the excitement levels of RWaltzians with their expansion plans. RWaltz is now expanding its footprint with a new office in Pune! 

“I feel it was just a few days back, we decided to be an IT firm, and look where we have reached, we achieved huge targets. It’s our people who have crafted the success of the organization! It’s client satisfaction that has turned out to be our USP and marketing tactic. We have received feedback from clients saying, they are happy with the project we deployed, the designs, and the customer experience. This is a silver lining to our achievements, that has helped us drive our success within a short time span. The next achievement is that we are working on cutting-edge Blockchain technology. Technology has just started booming, but we have in-house technology experts who keep themselves updated and deliver finely tailored-solutions. Accepting challenges, researching, and developing customized projects are helping RWaltz stand out from competitors. In addition, our professionals are skilled and can adapt to the trending techs in the future,” Were the fine words of Paras Kale, Director of RWaltz. 

Jay Prasad Gangadhar CEO at RWaltz also addressed employees and appreciated their contribution to the success of the organization. He further accelerated the enthusiasm of RWaltzians saying together we have to achieve every target that is next to impossible. 

It’s time for the most awaited moment of the eve! The curtains to the event were pulled off, with the glorifying awards night and appreciation ceremony.

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