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How Big Brands are Leveraging NFTs

July 7, 2022

Brands are leveraging NFT Marketplaces to stay ahead of the competition and garner customer attention. NFT Development is gaining momentum with brands and celebrities integrating NFTs into their marketing strategies. 

Brands and NFT Marketplace Development 

Though NFTs were growing at a slow pace, it gained publicity in 2021 with the highest sale of 25 Billion dollars. Since then the industry giants begin adopting NFT Marketplace Development Services into their promotional activities. The early adopters of NFTs aimed to double their revenue stream but, later on, NFT Market Development turned out to be a boon for customer engagement. Not just financial gains but, NFTs are achieving branding results too by delivering exclusive customer experience, creating a sense of community, and getting younger audiences tuned into the latest technology trends.  

NFT Marketplace has stormed popular social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Witnessing the craze for NFTs, brands have started talking about NFTs on social media and promoting themselves to be the technology adopters. 

How Are Brands Using NFT Marketplace for Customer Engagement? 

POAPs for Event Attendance

Brands are embracing NFT Marketplace to engage Customers through Proof-of-attendance protocols. Companies offer these NFT-based POAPs as proof to people who have attended their branding events like music festivals. Brands are using these POAPs to provide rewards, promote ticket sales, and ensure customer loyalty. 

Celebrating the Completion of Product Milestones 

Brands are offering their most engaged customers an opportunity to unlock personalized NFTs as they accomplish important product milestones. This leads to enhanced product engagement and free marketing as these customers would flaunt their recent achievements across social platforms. 

A Digital Dimension for Products 

NFT Marketplace Development unlocks new opportunities for brands to engage their customers by introducing new product dimensions through NFTs. Cultivating NFT-based digital collectibles is an exclusive way to increase the online presence and raise the fanbase of your brand. 

Trading and Creation of NFTs for Community 

Brands are increasing community engagement through NFT Developments by enabling customers to swap NFTs for products and services, sponsor NFT giveaways, host NFT events, etc. Brands have also started creating their own NFTs with some intrinsic value that can be exchanged as a means to buy a product or a service. 

Brand Loyalty Programs

Proof of ownership in NFT Market Development to build and expand brand loyalty through digital art. NFT Marketplace Development Services enable the companies to host brand loyalty programs where NFTs are collected, redeemed, and transferred eliminating the need to connect the traditional user account. 

Top Brands Who Have Leveraged NFTs


A popular sneaker brand stepped into NFT Marketplace with its Sunrise Red Collection. These collectibles include a limited edition of digital sneakers crafted in collaboration with digital artists. The sporting brand described these collectibles as a “celebration of sport and a first step in building a future where digital goods inspire physical activity.” 

Mattel’s Hot Wheels

In 2021, leading toy manufacturer Mattel rolled out NFTs in its Hot Wheels brand. 40 different NFT Hot Wheels designs were released for consumers in November with a starting price of Us $15 for each. The NFT Collection included packs of four or ten NFTs featuring an animated iconic design of the cars. 

Winery Robert Mondavi 

The Californian winery Robert Mondavi decided to launch the 1st NFT-based wine label. 1996 bottles collectible were crafted and monitored through Blockchain Technology. Each NFT accounts for $3,500 and offers an opportunity to unlock bottle redemption. 


To celebrate international friendship day, the soft drink brand Coca-Cola released a series of four NFTs. These NFTs were animated one-of-one digital artworks that delivered multi-sensory experiences and unlocked surprise items on purchase. Adding an element of customer engagement, the surprise included ‘Coca-Cola bubble jacket Wearable’ that can be worn on a virtual reality platform. 


The popular designer sunglasses brand, Ray-Ban has set up its sight on NFT Marketplace Development. In October 2021, the brand entered the NFT sphere by auditioning for its 1st and only NFT featuring iconic aviator sunglasses. 

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Wrap Up 

Hopefully, the article has enlightened you on How Big Brands are trying to utilize the leverage of NFTs. If you have any queries feel free to contact us. 

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