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Mainstream Goes Crypto: Major Brands Embrace Blockchain Payments

September 12, 2023

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have exploded from obscure digital assets into mainstream consciousness over the last few years. Now, major global brands across industries are expanding support for cryptocurrency payments and services using blockchain technology.
Starbucks, Tesla, Microsoft, AMC Theaters, Home Depot, and Mastercard represent just some of the prominent companies wading into the crypto ecosystem. This growing adoption lends further legitimacy to cryptocurrencies as a viable payment method and financial system.
However, integrating cryptocurrency with legacy finance systems also raises challenges around regulatory compliance, security, tax implications, and more. As cryptocurrency goes mainstream, businesses must navigate adopting blockchain technology in a responsible yet innovative way.

The Rise of Crypto Acceptance

The list of major companies embracing cryptocurrency continues to grow in 2022 and 2023.

Starbucks made headlines in March 2022 by announcing plans to accept Bitcoin payments at its U.S. stores later this year. Consumers could soon buy their lattes and macchiatos with digital assets. Starbucks is partnering with cryptocurrency exchange Bakkt to integrate blockchain technology for these payments.
Tesla famously started accepting Bitcoin as payment for its electric vehicles in 2021. After briefly suspending crypto payments due to environmental concerns, Tesla resumed Bitcoin acceptance in June 2022. SpaceX has also begun exploring how it could incorporate cryptocurrency.
AMC Theaters jumped on the crypto bandwagon in 2021 by announcing plans to accept Bitcoin purchases for movie tickets and concessions by the end of 2022. AMC CEO Adam Aron said this move reflects AMC's commitment to expanding payment options and better serving diverse guest interests.
Home Depot, the world's largest home improvement retailer, partnered with Flexa to pilot the acceptance of cryptocurrency payments in over a dozen stores. Customers can choose from dozens of crypto assets supported on Flexa's network.
Mastercard announced it will start directly supporting select cryptocurrencies on its network, simplifying crypto acceptance for merchants. Mastercard also expanded its crypto-linked card offerings in 2022.
PayPal has also embraced cryptocurrency by enabling users to buy, sell, and hold Bitcoin and other digital assets. PayPal processed over $2 billion in crypto payments in 2021.

Driving Factors for Crypto Adoption

What's driving these significant brands to embrace cryptocurrency payments? There are several key factors:

  • Growing consumer demand - Surveys show rising interest among consumers globally in using crypto to make purchases. Providing crypto payment options caters to this growing user base.
  • Competitive advantage - Accepting crypto can distinguish brands as innovative first movers and tech leaders within their industries. This attracts buzz and goodwill from crypto-friendly communities.
  • Enhanced payment flexibility - Cryptocurrency offers benefits like instant global payments, lower fees, and integration with loyalty/reward programs via blockchain technology.
  • Mainstream Momentum - As more major businesses adopt crypto, it further validates digital assets as a viable payment tool. This generates network effects spurring wider adoption.
  • New revenue source - Payment fees from crypto transactions can provide additional revenue streams, especially from affluent crypto-holding consumers.
  • Future-proofing - Cryptocurrency represents the future of money for many experts. Accepting crypto future-proofs businesses for the web3 world of finance.

The Promise and Potential of Crypto

For major businesses, cryptocurrency payments hold much promise to enhance the customer experience, unlock new capabilities, and generate value.

Fast, Global Transactions

Blockchain-powered crypto transactions enable near-instantaneous payments anytime, anywhere in the world without costly international fees. This delivers immense convenience for consumers used to legacy payment rails.

Enhanced Loyalty Programs

Companies can integrate loyalty and rewards programs with cryptocurrency wallets and apps. This allows them to offer personalized promotions, tailored token-based rewards, and interactive experiences to drive engagement.

Fraud Reduction

The immutable ledger behind cryptocurrencies enhances transparency and security compared to traditional payments. This helps reduce risks associated with fraud, chargebacks, identity theft, and errors.


Cryptocurrencies facilitate tiny fraction-of-a-cent micropayments. This expands the potential for innovative payment models around content, apps, streaming, gaming, and more.

Streamlined Accounting

Programmable smart contracts built into crypto payments simplify accounting tasks like invoicing, auditing, reporting, and automation of back-end processes.

Hurdles to Overcome

Of course, bridging between decentralized blockchain economies and legacy finance poses challenges for major companies to consider:

Technical Implementation

Seamlessly integrating cryptocurrency payments into existing technology stacks alongside traditional payment rails requires custom engineering work. Ongoing crypto network development is also needed.

Tax Implications

Accepting crypto muddies tax calculations. Sales must be accurately recorded in fiat value at the time of transaction. Companies must issue 1099 forms for crypto gains.

Volatile Pricing

The extreme volatility of cryptocurrency valuations can impact revenue forecasting and undermine the reliable pricing of goods/services. The introduction of stablecoins aims to address this.

Legal Compliance

Navigating the complex, uncertain regulatory landscape around cryptocurrencies poses legal risks. KYC and AML regulations must be upheld while protecting customer privacy.

Security Vulnerabilities

Cryptocurrency comes with immense cybersecurity risks like theft of private keys, phishing attacks, and hacking of wallets or exchanges that must be addressed.

Environmental Issues

For proof-of-work cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, the massive energy consumption required could clash with environmental sustainability commitments made by companies.

The Path For Businesses is Clear

Despite these challenges, the direction for global businesses is oriented toward embracing blockchain technology. With thoughtful strategies, crypto payments can be integrated successfully to deliver value for companies and consumers alike.
The companies moving fastest to leverage cryptocurrency today will have a first-mover advantage in unlocking the immense potential of Web3. They will also play a key role in shaping the responsible evolution of digital currency.
Other brands often look to prominent leaders like Starbucks, Tesla, and Mastercard when considering new technologies. As more major players adopt cryptocurrencies, it establishes a blueprint for others to follow.
This creates a cascading effect where crypto becomes the new normal across industries. In turn, this expanding ecosystem of crypto users, products, and services further reinforces blockchain technology as the inevitable future of finance.

Consulting the Experts on Blockchain Integration

Of course, realizing the full benefits of crypto acceptance requires expertise. Brands would be prudent to work with experienced blockchain development companies like RWaltz, a leading provider of enterprise blockchain development services when devising their cryptocurrency strategies.

Specialist blockchain consultancy can help enterprises:

  • Build a holistic crypto adoption roadmap
  • Conduct in-depth feasibility studies and cost-benefit analysis
  • Perform diligence on regulatory issues and legal compliance
  • Architect smart technical integrations and payment interfaces
  • Develop robust security protocols and safe storage mechanisms
  • Define governance systems, policies, and operational procedures
  • Train employees on blockchain capabilities, risks, and best practices
  • Monitor crypto networks, manage software upgrades, adapt to tech changes
  • Optimize accounting, tax, reporting, and reconciliation processes
  • Navigate crypto complexities as networks and regulations evolve
  • Plan for future innovations like DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, and blockchain interoperability

Only seasoned experts with hands-on blockchain developers can guide companies through the technical, financial, legal, and operational intricacies of mainstream crypto adoption.


The path is clear for cryptocurrencies to permeate the mainstream business world. Major companies across industries are expanding support for crypto payments from customers. Attractive benefits range from tapping into growing consumer demand, establishing a competitive edge, unlocking new revenue streams, and future-proofing for Web3.
However prudent investment in specialized blockchain development services will be crucial to overcoming the integration challenges posed by blockchain technology. The crypto journey for enterprises has only just begun.
As this blog has explored, major enterprises are clearly embracing blockchain technology and crypto payments in a big way. But navigating the complexities of crypto adoption is no simple feat. It requires working with specialist partners intimately familiar with the latest blockchain capabilities and development best practices.
For any business looking to integrate cryptocurrency and leverage the full potential of Web3, RWaltz is the premier enterprise blockchain expert to consult. With extensive experience across DeFi, NFTs, crypto wallets, tokens, blockchain platforms, and more, RWaltz has both the technical expertise and creative vision to guide your company's successful blockchain implementation from start to finish. Don't leave your enterprise crypto integration to chance - work with the proven leaders at RWaltz to future-proof your business for the new digital economy.

RWaltz - Your Blockchain Partner

For any enterprise seeking specialized expertise in blockchain integration and development, RWaltz is the premier partner to consult.
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With an elite team of blockchain developers and architects, RWaltz offers:

  • Comprehensive crypto adoption roadmaps
  • Secure, scalable blockchain infrastructure
  • Seamless payments integration
  • Tokenization of assets and records
  • Supply chain optimization via distributed ledger
  • Digital collectibles and NFT marketplace creation
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

Let RWaltz guide your blockchain success from strategic planning to technical implementation. Capitalize on their cryptocurrency and decentralized applications expertise today.

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