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September 29, 2022

Blockchain Technology redefines the technology space with the highest levels of security, efficiency, and accuracy. It is formally defined as a decentralized and distributed ledger. 

The Simplest Explanation of Blockchain Technology 

Blockchain is termed as a shared and immutable ledger facilitating the seamless recording of transactions and monitoring assets across a business network. A Blockchain network is made up of blocks, where every block signifies the recorded data. These blocks are linked together through cryptographic algorithms ensuring heightened security of data. 

Scroll Yourself to the Interesting Blockchain Numbers! 

The yearly spending on Blockchain Development services is increasing steadily. The future is close when this technology will dominate the business world. 
The table depicts the Global investment in Blockchain solutions yearly.

Here’s the Dissection Report of a Block for You! 

Every block in the Blockchain consists of three parts. Let’s explore them: 


Blockchain transaction information like date, time, transfer Block size, Transaction count, and transactions are included in it. 

Previous Hash:

The hash of the previous block helps to create a linear chain of blocks in chronological order

Current Hash:

The cryptographic hash is also known as block hash or current hash and is the primary identifier of the block. 

Blockchain Technology Benefits Making It a Cutting Edge Technology


Blockchain technology uses cryptographic algorithms to encrypt the stored information ensuring heightened security. The data is encrypted in a code that has no meaning and is difficult to crack. 


Blockchain technology is immutable and hence the data recorded in the blocks can’t be modified or altered by malicious parties or hackers. If one block is altered the whole chain has to be altered which is technically very hard or even impossible to do. 


Blockchain technology doesn’t have any governing central authority or middleman to control the data and assets. Since it is decentralized in nature, the transactions are spread across thousands or even millions of nodes in the network ensuring more autonomy or freedom to lower levels.


With Blockchain being a distributed ledger, all the information in the network can be accessed by everyone across the nodes. A change made on one node can be viewed by users across the Blockchain network. Easy and Fast information transfer and open to all

We Bet You Didn’t Know This About Blockchain Developers! 

Developers with in-depth knowledge of Blockchain Architecture who craft blockchain-based applications are defined as Blockchain developers. Let’s look into the types of Blockchain Developers: 

Core Blockchain Developers 

They will design the architecture of the ecosystem. This responsibility involves making decisions like Blockchain design and consensus mechanism. These developers are also responsible to handle security conventions. 

Blockchain Application Developers 

These developers are also known as decentralized software developers who create Blockchain applications or DApps. These developers must have knowledge of smart contracts before moving ahead with Blockchain development or DApp development. 

Blockchain 2022 Fact You Need to Ponder On! 

The industrial blockchain market size augmented to $85.64 billion in 2022. Here’s a list of the top 5 companies using Blockchain technology. 

Source: Forbes (

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Let’s Conclude

Hopefully, the above article has enlightened your knowledge of Blockchain development. For further queries, connect to our Blockchain experts. 

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