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RWaltz Offers an End-to-End Solution for ICO

August 11, 2022

The Cryptocurrency market is currently booming and ICOs have turned out to be an effective way to raise capital. 

What is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)? 

An initial coin offering (ICO) is equivalent to Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the crypto world. A company that wants to raise money to create a new coin or a token can launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to raise funds. 

Investors can buy into an ICO to receive a new crypto token issued by the company. The token might have a utility related to the product or service. It may also depict a stake in the project or company. 

Steps we Follow to Launch Your ICO 

Project Ideation and Analysis

Once you plan to initiate your ICO, you have to envision the features and business goals of ICO. We understand and analyze your requirements and customize our ICO development services to satisfy your business needs. Our team of experts proposes an ICO solution based on pure ideation from your side. 


Understanding your requirements our team offers expert advice and outlook to shape your ICO launch. We assist you at every phase of ICO development helping you to understand the business impact of launching your own ICO. Our team is available round the clock to consult you and resolve all your queries right from ideation to ICO launch. 

Choosing Blockchain 

Pre-defined Blockchain solutions might not always work for all business requirements. Complex business structures need customized blockchain solutions. Understanding your ICO specifications, we help you choose a blockchain that suits your business goals. We have a team of developers working on different blockchains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, EOS, Polygon, Hyperledger, Tron, Quoron, Corda, Open Chain, Polkadot, Stellar, and Solana. 


Tokenomics refers to a token’s economics and the name was formed by combining both token and economy. A well-designed tokenomics is a gateway to your project’s success and investors access your tokenomics before raising funds on your ICO. We help in planning the economics of your token. Considering the token value, token use, distribution, supply, demand, incentive mechanism, and token burn schedules we strategically outline your Tokenomics. 

Whitepaper Drafting

Whitepaper refers to in-depth information about your ICO project which is crucial for presenting your venture before investors. We draft detailed information about your ICO with all the specifications in the whitepaper. We assist you in outlining the aims and strategies of your project in depth. We also make sure to draft the roadmap that depicts the set of concrete goals with a clear and reasonable timeline for achieving them. Specifying the vision and mission, we ensure a formal presentation of your venture to your potential investors. 

Website Design and Development

We develop an intuitive website with a simple user-friendly interface. We ensure the website is platform compatible and easy to use. We offer the complete information of your ICO to potential investors on your website at a glance. With the impressive graphic and thematic design, we keep your investors glued to the website. Our ICO Website development service is a way to convert your prospects into investors. We engage the visitors by offering them call-to-action buttons to directly connect to your team. 

Logo Design 

Our team of experts conceptualizes your ideas and designs an impressive logo to brand your ICO. We ensure that your logo becomes the face of your project. The aesthetic design and thematic color give a unique look and feel to the logo. 


We brand your ICO project delivering massive exposure to investors. With our strong communication and strategic marketing campaigns, we ensure powerful messaging across channels. Through our targeted ICO marketing strategies we help you achieve your business goals. We tap the right market with our customized marketing strategies that include SEO, email advertising, social media, and much more. Our ICO Marketing Services not only deal with lead generation but also concentrate on investor conversion and retention. 

Exchange Listing 

After creating a coin or a token we list it on the top 50 crypto exchanges. Our listing services offer you massive exposure to investors globally. We deliver a hassle-free listing experience by listing your coin or token on a plethora of exchanges. In addition, we don’t charge a commission for listing your newly created token. 

Community Management 

We build independent and transparent communities across verticals for your ICO. Emphasizing on your ICO success, we construct a strong community and build a currency around it. We ensure engaging with the community on various platforms and collecting feedback about your project. Considering the suggestions from your community, we make them feel appreciated by displaying the results that performed best in the marketing campaign. This garners a community that believes in your venture and helps you to enhance your ICO. 

PR, Influencer, and Partnership Programs 

PR, Influencer, and partnership programs help you garner a good amount of publicity for your ICO website. Though PR campaigns are less expensive, we also offer influencer and partnership programs offering more credibility to your ICO. Our strategized PR campaigns and influencer or partnership programs mark the success of your ICO making it more trustworthy amongst investors. 


We also promote your ICO through a marketing stunt in the crypto space i.e. Airdrops. We create awareness for your ICO website through airdrops. Our promotions through Airdrops ensure your ICO stays ahead of your competitors. 

Fund Raising Assistance 

We offer strategized fundraising assistance for your ICO post-launch. Considering the factors like liquidity, security, community, etc., we offer a roadmap to you the projects for raising funds. We assist the newly launched coins or tokens to raise funds through your platform, directing them to the benefits of your venture.

Wrap Up 

Hopefully, the above article has enlightened you on end to end solution for ICO by RWaltz. If you are looking for ICO website development, we are the right choice for you. Schedule a demo now. 

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