ARTII NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace based on Customer Perspective

The NFT Marketplace is booming in the Crypto world enabling the trading of digital assets. Delivering a platform for digital investments, RWaltz developed ARTII NFT Marketplace for artists and investors across the world.

  • ARTII NFT Marketplace enables the artists and investors to BUY or Sell the Digital assets seamlessly.
  • Bridging the gap between buyers and sellers, ARTII NFT Marketplace assists the NFT enthusiast to purchase the assets through bidding.


Leading the edge over competitors, ARTII NFT Marketplace offers the best UI/UX to the clients, delivering a seamless customer experience. The certified developers at RWaltz consult the clients with the best features keeping the future scope and importance in mind. With the growing NFT investments, clients across the world trust RWaltz for NFT Marketplace Development.

  • Token Bridge: RWaltz developed a swapping module for ARTII NFT enabling the users to swap tokens from Ethereum blockchain to Binance Blockchain and vice versa.
  • Wallet Integration: Through wallet integration, RWaltz offered a wallet module where users have the choice to select the NFT Marketplace and the third-party wallets are connected post-selection.
  • History Tracer: NFT Transaction History tracer module enables users to quickly and easily check the last bought pieces with a timeline

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