BitcoinVB Wallet App

Secured and Reliable Top-graded Crypto Trading Application

Created on its own Blockchain network, the BitcoinVB wallet enables seamless storing and trading of BitcoinVB, BTC, BTC Cash, and LTC. It is implemented into the BitcoinVB ecosystem facilitating rewards and benefits to the BitcoinVB community.

  • BitcoinVB Wallet is a decentralized application ensuring secure and transparent transactions
  • Incorporated with Bitcoin fork to reverse the hacking impact

Secured application for Money Management

The certified professionals at RWaltz designed BitcoinVB- a P2P platform that enables direct transactions without an intermediary like banks delivering a cost-effective solution. The application enables the users to manage their accounts, ensuring a 3600 view of their wallet right from the account balance to the transactions.

  • BitcoinVB Wallet: RWaltz developed a wallet to ensure secure storing and transactions of Bitcoins 
  • QR Scanner: RWaltz integrated the QR scanner into the application to ensure easy transactions by scanning the wallet address 
  • Backup and Recovery: RWaltz has enabled the backup and recovery feature into the application to avoid data loss 
  • Import Existing Wallet: BitcoinVB enables the account holders to import their existing wallet using a private key 
  • Security: BitcoinVB is integrated with private keys to ensure heightened security

Components we use

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