Leveraging Blockchain for Financial Freedom

Encouraging users to achieve financial freedom, BTCBAM is a Vienna-based cryptocurrency mining company enabling investors and entrepreneurs to avail investment capital.

  • BTCBAM Company has 7 Blockchains, Coin, and Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform.
  • BTCBAM is the first real-world example of an operational merging between a cryptocurrency investment bank and a blockchain project.


Problems in Existing System

  • The Crypto World had no banks supporting the investors and entrepreneurs. Also, it was difficult for investors to integrate the trust factor for the newly launched coins in the community.
  • The existing system demanded coin audits to facilitate reliable coins in the market and ensure safe investments.

Solution: What We Are Providing?

  • RWaltz offered Mainnet Coin Security Audit helping BTCBAM to incorporate the trust factor and grow the community size. Through our Smart Contract Audit, we inspected the coins and ensured it is safe and secure for investment. We shared all the major, minor upgrades to enhance the project in our report.
  • To ensure seamless project collaboration, we are assisting them with various DeFi Applications and Smart Contract Development.

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