Auto-deflation and Auto-liquidation Cryptocurrency token

The world’s leading cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform, 100XCoin which has pioneered crypto trading committed to transforming and determining benchmarks for innovation, Liquidity, and security today. Based in the USA, 100XCoin is an auto-deflation and auto-liquidation cryptocurrency token on the Binance Smart Chain.

  • Exchange Platform: A seamless decentralized platform based on BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain) ensuring easy listing and buying of altcoins.
  • With 64,000+ community members, 100XCoin delivers transparency and fair Tokenomics to holders.


Problems in Existing System

  • 100XCoin found it difficult to list the new crypto token due to the absence of Launchpad.
  • In addition, 100Xcoin aimed to deliver an exuberant trading experience to investors. But, it was not possible with the existing system since the platform found it difficult to execute trades 24x7.

Solution: What We Are Providing?

  • The team of experts at RWaltz developed the launchpad for 100XCoin enabling an easier way to launch and list newly created crypto coins.
  • To facilitate 24x7 trading ability to the platform, RWaltz designed a crypto trading bot for 100XCoin.

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