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Crafting NFT Marketplace to Embrace the Power of Tokens and NFTs!

NFTs and NFT Marketplace Development have taken the gaming industry by storm. The platform will serve as a medium to mint the NFTs for the Gaming industry.

  • It’s an NFT Marketplace exclusively for playable NFTs.
  • The platform enables gaming companies to mint the NFTs relatable to their gaming platforms.

Challenges faced by the client

  • The client didn’t have a platform to launch the tokens and offer them for staking. 
  • The gaming companies lacked a platform to mint the playable NFTs for sale.



Problems in Existing System

  • The client was looking for a platform that enables users to buy the native token from the platform
  • The client wanted a platform that supports the staking functionality of its native token owners
  • The developed platform should allow the gaming companies to register and mint the playable NFTs on the platform.
  • The platform should support its user to register and buy the playable NFTs.

Solution: What We Are Providing?

  • We analyzed the challenges and requirements of the client to propose a solution to meet the demands.
  • We have offered a panel for the game development company to mint the playable NFTs and display them for sale.
  • In addition, the platform offers a panel to buy the playable NFTs from the platform.
  • The platform has an admin panel to keep track and control all the activities from the end of the application.

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